"A temporary storeroom at your site where we issue, manage and check all your equipment"

On-Site Rental Store

The Abird On-Site Rental Store functions as a local ‘supermarket’ for tools and equipment. On-site rental store is a unique concept with which we unburden customers of all worries about equipment deliveries. It involves setting up a ‘customised "shop" on site’ containing all the equipment your need.

Efficient and safe projects

With large-scale projects, always having access to sufficient tools and materials for scheduled and unscheduled work is vitally important. The ‘On-site Rental Store’ concept guarantees permanent local availability of equipment with no disruptions in production or progress. Alongside rental equipment, we can also stock the store with the required assortment of consumables, ranging from welding wire to ear plugs and bearing grease.

Controllable costs

All employees are issued a pass in their name, with which they can request tools for personal use. The bar code system tells us exactly who is responsible for which tools and materials. You benefit from substantially less damage and lost items, no tools left lying around and higher productivity. The customised reporting system gives you continuous insight into actual costs during the project.

  • Experience since 1993
  • Manned or unmanned on-site store
  • During turn-arounds, stops and other projects
  • Controlled issue, management and maintenance of all materials
  • Bar code scanning and equipment issued by name
  • On-line project portal for optimal insight and control
  • Controlled issue and maintenance of your own materials possible
  • Uptake of personal equipment in the project system possible

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