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Power and light on the Pioneering Spirit

In the Prinses Alexiahaven on Maasvlakte 2, people are currently working hard on finishing the Pioneering Spirit. The Pioneering Spirit is the world's largest floating crane (382 metres long and 124 metres wide). It is being built by the Dutch-Swiss offshore company Allseas. Abird supplies all the temporary power, power distribution and lighting facilities that are needed on board for the finishing.

Every day, there are no fewer than 1000 people on board the ship working for different contractors. On both bow sections and the aft deck, Abird's five generators ensure that everyone has the power they need. In addition, 220 LED lamps and three containers with cabling have been supplied and ïinstalled on board. Because of the confined spaces (ballast tanks) and the large quantity of power cables, it was decided to work mostly with a safe voltage (42 Volts) for safety considerations.


The project has now been underway for two months and everyone is pleased with the progress that has been made. Daan Akerboom, Construction Manager for the Topside Lift System (TLS) explains:

“The collaboration Abird with is very pleasant. We now have five Abird generators running on deck and they supply power to both bow sections and the office. The lighting assortment is also completely in line with what we will need during the project. Abird has a flexible attitude and responds well to our requirements.”




The Pioneering Spirit (formerly called the Pieter Schelte) sailed into the Port of Rotterdam on Thursday, 8 January. The enormous catamaran is 382 metres long and 124 metres wide. 

The work being carried out on the Maasvlakte includes mounting the lift construction with which the ship will be capable of lifting a drilling platform ééoff its position at sea in a single operation.

The ship is unique in its kind and will be fully equipped to install or remove ééoil rigs in one go.


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