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Mobile aggregaten and compact transformers

When equipment is compact and mobile its transportation can often take place in a faster, more efficient and cheaper way. For this reason we have recentlly added some mobile version of the 30 kVA generator and some smaller sized 250 kVA transformers to our rental fleet.

Compact 250 kVA transformers

The 250 kVA transformer has been in our rental fleet for quite some time. However from now on this transformer will be available in a more compact version. Thanks to its reduced external measurements (175 x 100 x 150 cm), forklifttruck holes and central lifting eye, the 250 kVA tranformer can be transported more easily and efficiently. Internally it concerns a 250 kVA transformator with a secundary voltage of 230 - 500 - 690V. 

Mobile 30 kVA generator

The Denyo 30 kVA generator has also been part of our rental fleet for already quite some time. This small generator has proven to be a very reliable power source. To make the transportation of this equipment more flexibel we have now added some mobile versions to our fleet. 

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