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Inspection and validation (EN 50504)

Quality and safety requirements are becoming increasingly stricter and, as a result, a large amount of inspection work has to be carried out every year. We can assist you with the inspection, validation and testing of, for example, electrical tools, welding equipment, climbing materials, fall protection systems, and hoisting and lifting equipment.

We can also carry out all inspections on location so that they cause as little disruption as possible to your operating processes. Naturally, you will always receive from us all certificates and detailed reports about the work we do. 

Are you EN 1090 certified? 

If you are EN 1090 certified, your company tools must comply with additional inspection and validation standards. You not only have to have NEN3140 inspections carried out, your welding equipment also has to be validated in accordance with EN 50504. 

With our full-service package, we can unburden you of all your inspection and validation work.



  • Inspections of electrical equipment (NEN 3140) 
  • Validation of welding equipment (EN 50504) 
  • Inspection of hoisting and lifting equipment (TCVT) 
  • Inspection of climbing materials and fall protection systems


  • Complete reports of work carried out 
  • Annual follow-up inspections and validations 
  • Maintenance and repair 
  • Also possible on location

Welding equipment and electric tools


Your machine is cleaned and checked to make sure it is in proper working order. If repairs need to be made, we will inform you in advance and, if necessary, send a price quotation. 


During an inspection, the resistance, protective earthing conductor, insulation resistance, nominal test voltage and substitute leakage current are measured. The machine is of course also visually checked. We check the protective earthing conductor, the insulatedïsections, the housing and the power cable.


Validations are performed with a Kemppi ArcValidator. This automated machine can accelerate the validation process by 80%. The ArcValidator carries out one validation per process and is suitable for all makes and models of variable welding machines. 


When we have finished, you will receive the inspection and validation certificates, and overview of approved, rejected and non-inspected materials, and a report of the work we have carried out 

Hoisting and lifting equipment, climbing materials and fall-protection systems

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, hoisting and lifting equipment must be inspected and tested once per year. Abird can do this work for you professionally. Our inspectors are TCVT certified and completely specialised in inspecting hoisting and lifting equipment, climbing materials and fall-protection systems.

 We comply with the TCVT guidelines for inspecting hoisting and lifting equipment and employ several TCVT-certified inspectors have extensive testing and maintenance facilities at their disposal. Naturally, we also inspect climbing materials (ladders and steps) and fall-protection systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information! 


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