Industrial projects

Planning, coordination and maintenance of equipment, lighting, airsupply and powersupply facilities, turn-arounds and new construction projects.

Abird Industrial Projects specialises in planning and coordinating industrial equipment, lighting, compressed air and power-generation during industrial maintenance and new construction projects. 

Every project is unique and we tailor our services accordingly in consultation with the customer. The reason for this is that carrying out an industrial project involves more than supplying the materials.

Hybrid lighting tower

An energy efficient solution

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Minimal downtime

Industrial projects are already complex enough. This is why we assign an Abird project manager who ensures that every contractor has access to the right materials and facilities at the right moment.  By operating in this way, we minimise downtime and delays. We also ensure that no unnecessary or duplicate materials are hired to reduce costs.

Whenever necessary, our project manager brings in our product specialists and ensures that all activities are optimally coordinated. You retain permanent control over the materials you rent and the services we provide.