About Abird

Abird specialises in the rental, sales and maintenance of industrial tools, welding gear, lifts, hoists, compressed air, lighting and power-generation equipment.

We carry out repairs, maintenance and inspections for all this equipment. Furthermore we sell all the related consumables and accessories.

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What we offer you

  • Safety & Continuity

    Safety & Continuity

    Our products and services are in line with the strictest environmental and safety requirements in force. Furthermore, our specialists continually search for products with which you can work even more safely and efficiently. Read more »

  • Service and support

    Service and support

    Your work often has to continue day and night, which is why we are permanently available. For us, this means 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The fact that we can give advice and make deliveries at any time is one of the things that makes us special. Read more »

  • Speed & Flexibility

    Speed & Flexibility

    Projects often involve unplanned activities, so you need a partner that is capable of responding adequately. Motivated, fast and customer-centric. In addition , we are happy to provide customised solutions in terms of technical and process-based support and administrative work. Read more »

  • Expertise & Skills

    Expertise & Skills

    We work with experienced, well trained and service-oriented product specialists. When we provide advice, we do so based on extensive knowledge of the latest technical possibilities, safety requirements and the applications in your sector of activity. Read more »